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Contact Us Fiberglass Rods Rick’s Rods specializes in buying, selling, consigning high quality vintage and collectible fiberglass fly fishing rods. Crafted by The Phillipson Rod Co. This rod appeared in the Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. The rod was described as follows: Lightest equipment of its kind in the world. Made for fresh water fishing, small stream work. Most compact ever developed. The fiberglass rod weighs a mere one once.

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A Medalist was my first fly reel , purchased for me by my grandfather all those many years ago. It was a DA and I still have it. Since those early days I’ve gone on to fish Medalists in fresh water and salt and in every size from the petite to the hefty

Prices for Pflueger fishing lures and boxes vary with color, condition, grade, markings, age, and desirability. Gabby Talkington will buy your Pflueger Monarch and Neverfail lures and early boxes. Give us a call or email for a quote.

Return to all Books Articles Steve Huff: Photo Steve Huff Andy Mill: Your reputation precedes you in many ways—the success you have had through the years in tournament fishing and all the world records—but I think one of the things that stands out most is your work ethic. Here we are in the winter, it is cold as hell, and you got off the water last night at 7: I just like being out there.

I like where I work. I just cannot get enough of it. I have been guiding now for 39 years and I still—as long as there is daylight—I still feel it is such a beautiful place to be. Not only fish—you can see eagles or manatees or whatever. I think that is more of it. It is a passion for the outdoors. A lot of times I am trying to make the day—catch a fish at the end of the day.

But even on days when we have had a great day I still want to make the last cast to see if we can pull something out.

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Comes with the soft case and paperwork. Has automatic cast control. Has some wear as seen in the pictures. It looks like it was never fished and comes complete with the box, oil, wrench and paperwork. Reel comes in a hard leather case with two extra cork drag washers and Hart reel care and instruction booklet. It is marked on the foot and marked 4 Brothers – Capitol on the front plate.

Nov 25,  · I have fished for 50 years with only ABU baitcasting reels dating way back to the round C and C. I recently purchased a Revo STX and have been satisfied. The Pflueger reels didn’t get the infin system, they have the tried and true one peice shafts.

Questions about Antique Reels: Brands and Companies Q1: Many of the questions received about older reels concern American level winding baitcasting reels mass-produced from the s to the s. The vast majority of the mass-produced baitcasting reels and fly reels, too, for that matter made by the major tackle companies from the s to the s can still be found easily at flea markets and yard sales. Therefore, only a small fraction of these reels have significant collector value.

In general, only the highest quality reels for example, a few made with nickel silver or reels in mint condition command prices in the higher end of that range. Most are more valuable for fishing than as collectibles. Sometimes, a mint reel with its box and papers may attract higher prices. The major tackle companies frequently made certain models for two decades or more. The precise dating of such models is often difficult without knowledge of various structural details.

Listed below are some of the baitcasters found most commonly by collectors. The older models usually were made with nickel-plated brass, but after World War II, aluminum quickly became more widely used.

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An antique fishing reel is a nosalgic collectible for many. Antique fishing reels are a popular collectible among fishermen throughout the United States. In essence, each reel has its own set of fish tales to tell.

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Actual weight of rod is 4. The reel seat hardware is gold plated nickel silver cap and ring with ebony wood insert. The cane is lightly flamed. The gold plated snake guides are wrapped and finished as transparent in order to show the guide feet, ferrule serrations, and cane. Gold plated stripping guide. All splices of this rod are from the same culm of bamboo.

The female ferrules have hand-turned ebony plugs. This rod is new. The rod weighs 4 oz.

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Enterprise Manufacturing Company Akron, Ohio Pflueger is one of the nation’s earliest, most prolific and most enduring tackle giants. Established in the s as a fish hook manufacturer, the company blossomed well before , offering a broad line of hooks, spinners and metal baits. The company also experimented with and marketed many rubber lures as well. By , Pflueger, with various trademarks including the Four Brothers name, was well entrenched in the lure industry.

The Pflueger maroon boxes discussed below are among the company’s most desirable to collectors.

Heddon early catalogs: lure color plates and actual examples of box paper brochures; Heddon lure box examples: a key to dating the type of lure that you have and linking them to the hardware. Heddon boxes and hardware: Lure Hardware Identification and how to identify and date a Heddon lure and what box is correct for what hardware.

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The reels included the change to a spool arbor, which could be weighted. That was patent number 2, , , granted Oct. The models were as follows: The main one was the adjustable drag under Patent number 2, , The dual click patent was awarded patent number 2, ,

Vintage Fishing Reels: Credit for the invention of the fishing reel belongs to the Chinese, thanks to a description of a fishing reel in a book from the 3rd century. In the United States, the first “multiplier” fishing reel (each turn of the handle resulted in four turns of the reel .

Maybe you dream of fighting a huge fish while you stand on a boat rocking in the waves, or maybe you just want to enjoy some time with friends while you cast off at the beach or a pier. Most ocean anglers opt for saltwater spinning reels, which are heavy, durable, and strong enough to take on fish weighing as much as two thousand pounds.

So how do you go about choosing the right saltwater spinning reel? Like other types of reels, saltwater spinning reels are made up of a body, spool, bail, handle, gears, and drag adjustment. Spinning reels are in particular built to handle larger fish, and spinning reels for saltwater will be less susceptible to the corrosion of the ocean than their freshwater counterparts. There are certain things you should look for in your saltwater spinning reel, in each component, including the following: Since saltwater spinning reels must withstand potentially rough oceans and be able to handle large loads, they are made of extra strong materials, like graphite and cast aluminum.

This part of a saltwater spinning reel serves two purposes: This will help you maintain control while you reel in your catch. Made from anodized aluminum or graphite, the spool must be strong enough to withstand saltwater while it holds the fishing line. You can choose the size of your spool based on the length of the line and the weight capacity of it.

Who makes the best spinning reels? Daiwa, Shimano, Pflueger or Abu Garcia