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descriptions will be somewhat biased toward the offshore installations. The material has been compiled from various online resources as well as ABB and customer documents.

Books relating to yellowfin and brief extracts from same to provide context of its use in English literature. Offshore Rigging and Tactics by a As with yellowfin, I recommend the use of fluorocar- bon leaders. Bluefin do not appear to be as leery of leader as yellowfin, but fluorocarbon certainly will increase your hookup percentage. John Unkart, 2 Ken Schultz’s Field Guide to Saltwater Fish Umbrina roncador The yellowfin croaker is a member of the family Sciaenidae drum and croaker , known for the drumlike noises it makes when it raps a muscle against its swim bladder.

The resulting distinctive drumming sound is amplified Enough unknowns remain to stimulate an active imagination to consider the possibility that, somewhere, a population Robert Behnke, 4 Report of the seventh meeting of the Western Pacific The principal tuna stocks exploited by this fleet are yellowfin tuna, skipjack tuna, Katsuwonus pelamis, and bigeye tuna, T. The skipjack tuna stock is the most abundant, followed by the stocks of yellowfin tuna and bigeye tuna. Numbers of preanal, postanal, and total myomeres distinguish yellowfin madtom from stonecats Figures 7 through 9.

Anal fin rays may distinguish Simon, Robert Wallus, 8 Seamounts:

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Control valves, safety valves, and piping outlets are configured the same and use the same or similar components. Some of the valves probably will have pneumatic or hydraulic actuators to facilitate remote and rapid closure in an emergency. Also, some Christmas trees may have composite block valves instead of individual valves flanged together. The major difference, however, between land and platform well completions is the economics incentive on platforms to reduce equipment weight wherever possible and to minimize space requirements.

Identification of Hazards and Risk Assessment for a 40kVA Diesel Powered Lighting Set. traditional diesel engine generators may not fit into our definition of ‘alternative energy’ sources, they are still a BMDs are simple diesel engines and generators that are mounted on offshore .

Contribute to Ocean Contracts? All proposed contributions will be seriously considered. Publications will be anonymous unless we have your written approval to mention your name or initials. Especially offshore fabrication contractors, who are in a very competitive market, tend to accept unfair terms and conditions in fear of not getting the contract. At the risk of disaster or even bankruptcy. This is not good for the fabricator, and it is definitely not in the best interest of the offshore industry either.

You can contribute to a better offshore world by sharing your bad experience with us, so we all can learn from it. Do You Have a Good Contract? Do you have the sense to seek fair and sound contract terms and conditions?

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Existing and planned Noble facilities in Israel are shown with other company holdings. Production from the Tamar platform travels by pipeline to processing facilities at the Ashdod onshore terminal. When production from the Leviathan project comes on line, it will travel by pipeline to a processing platform being constructed six miles from shore and from there through a planned pipeline to an onshore receiving station at Dor.

Aphrodite, a company discovery offshore Cyprus, is also shown. Now under construction, the platform will hold full gas-processing facilities and have a topsides weight exceeding 40, tons.

The accelerated schedule provided 15 months from the start of the project to the offshore installation, hookup, and start-up. Bid packages included very detailed definition of all the jacket.

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The outlet wing valve is opened and closed using an hydraulic actuator. Above the swab valve is a lifting subassembly sub with a threaded connection. The threaded connection is often called a quick union. The quick union is used to connect auxiliary pressure equipment which is needed if tools are to be run downhole. Some flowheads have a protection frame bolted to the main block to prevent damage to the valves during handling.

Offshore activities will be limited to the final hook-up of the subsea wells and equipment, offshore pipeline and startup of production. EnCana intends to maximize onshore completion and pre-commissioning and to minimize offshore hookup and commissioning scopes of work without compromising safety.

View all Cougar Floorplans RLK Features and Options A free standing dinette with four chairs, a kitchen island, large pantry, and an exterior refrigerator and grill, make this Cougar RLK the perfect fifth wheel for a chef that enjoys cooking inside and outside. Before you step inside be sure to take a look at the capital grill and mini refrigerator, the storage provided by the unobstructed pass through compartment including exterior TV hookup, the two awnings, and the fold-away bike rack in the rear.

Once inside to your left you will see a tri-fold sleeper sofa with two end tables and overhead storage along the rear wall. You will also find the first of three slide outs in the fifth wheel along the curbside wall. This slide includes a free standing dinette and chairs, and an entertainment center with storage and a fireplace for those chilly evenings. On the opposite side there is theater seating for two, counter space, a three burner range, microwave, and 12 cu.

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EDG’s Marine and Industrial Group has not only designed buildings, but has significant field experience in fabrication, transportation, installation, hookup, and commissioning.

Jack is an excellent teacher, with the ability to give insight into local fisheries and history on the water he fishes. He enjoys educating his clients on the history and current state of our fisheries. Brandon Glass Fishing with his father at a very young age, Brandon Glass bought his first boat at 12 using his cash earnings from catching Pikeminnow in the Columbia.

He not only fishes the rivers for steelhead, salmon and sturgeon, but also offers trips offshore for albacore tuna. Brandon provides his clients a quality fishing experience with lots of insight on the water they are fishing, and how to catch more fish. Their on-the-water experience has guided countless clients into fish, year after year. Their goal is to not only give great opportunity to catch fish, but also provide a comfortable, safe and enjoyable ride.

Their Certifications and Safety Measures provide the basis for their professional guided fishing business. Their understanding of fishing techniques and fish behavior maximizes your opportunity on the water. During the Spring, you’ll find us on the Columbia River and its tributaries, fishing for the most prized salmon, the Spring Chinook. When you book with us, you are booking with professional salmon anglers. The techniques used to catch steelhead make for memorable trips of excitement and satisfaction.

We like to offer our clients the ability to be actively involved in the fishing, which is why we choose techniques like float fishing, bobber-dogging, side-drifting or backtrolling.

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What’s the Deal With Deadrise? Find out what factors contribute to a boat’s soft ride. By Kevin Falvey posted Jan 5th, at 3: Put another way, more deadrise generally equals the ability to run at faster speeds before pounding becomes excessive. Deadrise is the angle formed between horizontal and the hull at any given point. A flat-bottom garvey has zero deadrise, and a deep-V race boat may have 50 degrees at its stem and more than 20 degrees at its transom.

This Slang page is designed to explain what the meaning of hook up is. The slang word / phrase / acronym hook up means . Online Slang Dictionary. A list of slang words and phrases, idioms, jargon, acronyms, and abbreviations.

The step marks the completion of the most critical phase in the offshore campaign. The BorWin beta platform will provide the capacity for transmitting MW of energy generated by offshore windfarms e. Global Tech 1 into the electric power grid. The BorWin beta topsides is designed with a watertight hull allowing it to be fabricated at a shipyard and wet towed to field by tugs without a transport barge. The tonne jacket substructure with the cable tower attached had been installed in 40 metres of water in an earlier campaign in Once at site, the topsides was positioned over the substructure and the platform legs were lowered to make contact with the subsea pile heads.

With all six platform legs resting secure on the piles, the topsides was jacked up to its target elevation of 20 metres above sea level by means of the temporary hydraulic jacking system. With its topsides weight of tonnes during the installation, the BorWin beta platform sets a new record for self-installing HVDC platforms, exceeding its sister platform Helwin alpha which was installed in The capacity of the jacking systems for the platforms were scaled according to the topsides weight and thus allowed for installation of the complete topsides in one operation, eliminating the need for multiple expensive offshore lifts and minimizing the requirements for offshore hook-up and commissioning.

The concept of self-installing platforms allows for lifting operations which are beyond the capacity of offshore cranes available, thus providing greater flexibility in terms of design and fabrication as well as adapting to a growing topsides weight as a project evolves.

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To view this licence, visit nationalarchives. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. This publication is available at https: HMRC is getting tougher on those who try to evade tax by hiding their assets or income offshore. We are increasing the size and range of penalties charged, and increasing the number of prosecutions of serious evaders.

Read get help with tax for more information.

View Dr. M. Khodayari’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. Dr. M. has 7 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Dr. M.’s connections and jobs at similar : Oil/Gas/Renewables.

A barrel is equal to 42 U. Bit — A drilling tool that cuts the hole. Bits are designed on two basic and different principles. The cable tool bit moves up and down to pulverize. The rotary bit revolves to grind. Blow-Out Preventer — A heavy casinghead control, filled with special gates or rams, which can be closed around the drill pipe, or which completely closes the top of the casing. Boyle’s Law — A law of physics stating that when gas is subject to compression and kept at a constant temperature, the product of the pressure and volume is a constant quantity, i.

BTU — British Thermal Unit, a generalized measure of heating value, also used to compare energy potential in different types of fuels. Casing — Heavy steel pipe used to seal off fluids from the hole or to keep the hole from caving in. Casinghead Gas — Gas produced with oil in oil wells. The gas is taken from the well through the casinghead at the top of the well.

Catalytic Cracking — A refining process for breaking down large, complex hydrocarbon molecules into smaller ones. A catalyst is used to accelerate the chemical reactions in the cracking process. Christmas Tree — The assembly of valves, pipes and fittings used to control the flow of oil and gas from the casinghead.

Hook-Up & Commissioning (HUC) in action at KBB, offshore Sabah Waters.