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Part five Who’s watching The publication of the Verizon phone records order had one immediate political impact. It revealed that at a Senate committee hearing in March , the director of national intelligence, James Clapper, had given misleading testimony. Clapper changed his account to say that he had simply forgotten about collection of domestic phone records. It was passed as part of a backlash against one of the biggest controversies of that era: Fisa codified in law for the first time that the NSA was about foreign intelligence. If there was a suspicion about a spy or some agent of a foreign power operating in the US, the NSA and the FBI could apply for a warrant in a new surveillance court, the Fisa court. But since then, according to Wyden, the way the laws work in practice by the intelligence agencies has become shrouded in secrecy.

NSA files decoded: Edward Snowden’s surveillance revelations explained

It is available on all major cable and satellite providers. It is available nationally via the country’s two satellite services, Shaw Direct on channel , Bell TV on channel , Videotron on channel , as well as on various digital cable systems. In Asia Pacific, this channel was the first channel to support i HD and 5. Two years later, it became available as part of the initial bouquet of HD channels on Astro B.

In India, this channel has been available since February In Albania , this channel has been available since on DigitAlb platform, channel 75, which is the biggest HD channel broadcaster in eastern Europe and Balkans , with 14 HD channels.

The growth in the space has been dizzying—and IAB is best positioned to bring the same supply chain discipline to the mobile marketing sector that it has done for .

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National Geographic (formerly National Geographic Channel and also commercially abbreviated and trademarked as Nat Geo or Nat Geo TV) is an American digital cable and satellite television network that is owned by National Geographic Partners, majority-owned by 21st Century Fox with the remainder owned by the National Geographic Society.. The flagship channel airs non-fiction television.

Description[ edit ] The Rosetta Stone is listed as “a stone of black granodiorite , bearing three inscriptions No additional fragments were found in later searches of the Rosetta site. The top register, composed of Egyptian hieroglyphs, suffered the most damage. Only the last 14 lines of the hieroglyphic text can be seen; all of them are broken on the right side, and 12 of them on the left. The following register of demotic text has survived best; it has 32 lines, of which the first 14 are slightly damaged on the right side.

The final register of Greek text contains 54 lines, of which the first 27 survive in full; the rest are increasingly fragmentary due to a diagonal break at the bottom right of the stone. The texts are of similar length.

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Has the 30,000 year old cave art of Chauvet been decoded?

Making a telephone call no longer should conjure up visions of operators connecting cables by hand or even of electrical signals causing relays to click into place and effect connections during dialing. Within 20 years of the Bell patent, the telephone instrument, as modified by Thomas Watson , Emil Berliner , Thomas Edison , and others, acquired a functional design that has not changed fundamentally in more than a century. Since the invention of the transistor in , metal wiring and other heavy hardware have been replaced by lightweight and compact microcircuitry.

Such advances supplement, but do not replace, the basic telephone design. Alexander Graham Bell demonstrating the ability of the telephone to transmit sound by electricity from Salem to Boston, Mass. Library of Congress, Washington, D.

If it has, then it makes the Da Vinci code look like an old trick used again. Deep in a cave in the Ardeche region of France there is a set of paintings that have left the world stunned and amazed by the skill and quality of the work.

GlobalResearch The United Kingdom unknowingly admitted that its government has been lying, accusing Russia of allegedly poisoning former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia by the nerve agent Novichok on March 4 in Salisbury. The British government has already made two grave mistakes. Second, according to the doctors of the hospital where Yulia Skripal is being treated, her condition is getting better and her health status is currently described as stable.

He also told the Daily Mail: Even if they survive they will not recover. Thus, this fact completely excludes the use of nerve agent Novichok. The earlier report that Skripal and his daughter had been attacked while sitting on a bench at a shopping mall has also been refuted by Scotland Yard GR Editor. Let us remind you, Scotland Yard detectives came to a conclusion that Sergey Skripal and his daughter were poisoned at their house. A particularly high concentration of agent was detected at the entrance door.

If Skripal was poisoned at his home, then the agent used against him cannot be a nerve gas. Russiaphobia Is Out Of Control A number of experts believe that such gases can kill people within a few minutes. Skripal simply did not have time to walk to a restaurant or shopping center, where he was eventually found.

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Click here to open gallery Drunk texting Avoid texting under the influence at all costs – nothing good comes of it! If you can’t trust yourself then hand your phone to a friend! Txting lk ths A little light text speak is fine if you’re in a hurry, but steer clear of abbreviating every word. Texts no longer have to be under characters, so there’s no need.

The break up text Whatever your feelings, breaking up by text is never cool. Texting when there’s no reply Step away from the phone!

The manufacturer’s date on a bicycle’s components can often be used to determine the date of manufacture of the bike itself. Many bike parts have a date code cast or stamped into the piece. Bicycle component dating.

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What will I wear? How will I know who I should date? I am here to help with that last question. Because online dating is often the easiest way to wade into the dating pool, it is often the first place to get your feet wet. At your very fingertips, you have the ability to search and weed out potential dates without having to leave your house or take any risks.

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Print If it has, then it makes the Da Vinci code look like an old trick used again. Deep in a cave in the Ardeche region of France there is a set of paintings that have left the world stunned and amazed by the skill and quality of the work. Little did anyone suspect of what else lay hidden in the images themselves.

The founder members of the Pacific alliance were the spy agencies from the Five Eyes, as well as South Korea, Singapore, and Thailand. By , France and India had joined the Pacific group.

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Another pro is that tons of people are on it, so the pool is large on there. OkCupid Dating A lot of app daters are comfortable with OkCupid because it is based on a legitimate and complete dating site.

Special: Online Dating as a Black 5d–Christelyn Karazin