Dozens are injured but none seriously. Eight explode and 12 people are injured. Gladio 12 December — Four bombs explode. In Rome a bomb explodes in the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, wounding 14, and two devices go off at the cenotaph in the Piazza Venezia, wounding 4. Another bomb — unexploded — is discovered at the Banca Commerciale in the Piazza della Scala in Milan. Four hours later, ordinance officers blow it up. Numerous arrests are made, chiefly of anarchists. Among those arrested is the anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli. In Vittorio Veneto, Guido Lorenzon visits lawyer Alberto Steccanella to report that a friend, Giovanni Ventura, may have been implicated in the 12 December bomb outrages. Aldo Biotti, with Michele Lener representing Calabresi, chairs the court.

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These additives, which include such common materials as fragments of pottery and certain types of brick, may have been introduced into the mix for various reasons, but their effect was to produce a mortar that had some hydraulic properties, was less permeable and generally more durable than an ordinary lime mortar. The addition of small quantities of pozzolan or any other material that achieves this effect is known as gauging.

A non-hydraulic lime mortar sets by a simple chemical reaction between lime calcium hydroxide and airborne carbon dioxide alone, whereas a mortar with some hydraulicity also sets by a reaction between calcium and the reactive components, principally silica. Hydraulicity is actually defined as the ability to set under water, without any carbon dioxide.

The current debate is focused on the blending of non-hydraulic lime putty and hydraulic hydrate.

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Atherton posted Dec 15th, at 5: It was one of the first seized by Iraq’s Security Forces during the attack that started in October. IEDs are also, fundamentally, a weapon of insurgents: Instead, they found ISIS manufactured its weapons. Published today, the report is saddled with a title as bland and technocratic as they come. The investigators found six weapons manufacturing sites, as well as munitions production facilities, and documented it extensively.

Put together, the picture is of a coordinated state-like entity, one that may have a workshop where they do experiments with exploding drones , but whose greater resouces are bent towards mass production and standardization of weapons and ammunition. At the workshops, investigators found evidence of a whole bureaucracy of war, orderly management issuing directives and specifications so that mortars and mortar rounds could be made with mere slivers of an inch different from piece to piece.

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From to he worked at the Delft University first as an assistant professor and from as an associate professor in the Road and Railway Engineering group. In he left the university to become managing director of Netherlands Pavement Consultants, a company specialized in pavement design, evaluation and management as well as road materials. In that position he was responsible for many road and airfield projects in the Netherlands, Europe and all over the world.

In he returned to the Delft University to take a part time position as professor in Highway Engineering.

Abstract. Several non-destructive (ND) techniques are presented as a tool for the evaluation of the conservation state of carbonate building materials of the “Palazzo di Città”, a historic building in the centre of Cagliari, a town in Italy.

Analyses from the literature, as well as new in-house analyses, all pertaining to core compositions of first-generation, garnet lherzolite minerals, have been selected for thermobarometric calculations. The P—T data obtained for the three known garnet lherzolite occurrences in the Central Alps are tightly constrained, consistent with one another, and summarized as follows: These values are consistent with experimental data on pargasite stability and composition in peridotitic systems.

Our P—T estimates, along with microstructural and field geological observations, indicate that the garnet lherzolite parageneses form part of the prograde, Alpine, high-pressure metamorphic sequence of the Adula—Cima Lunga unit. The very high pressure estimates obtained by some other workers are ascribed to inaccuracies in thermometric evaluations and to the strong temperature dependence of the Al-in-Opx barometer. Uncertainties in the determination of garnet—olivine equilibrium compositions, combined with the small sensitivity of garnet—olivine chemical exchanges to temperature variations, and unreliability of garnet—orthopyroxene thermometry at low-temperature conditions may account for the observed inconsistencies.

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Analysis of the materials and authentication of a polychrome wood mask from Papua New Guinea In this study the characterization of the constitutive materials and of the restoration products The mask belongs to the culture of Lower Sepik river. It represents a double figure of ancestors patrons of the hunting. The art of the Sepik river exhibits an enormous variety of styles, forms, techniques and ideas together with a remarkable aesthetic research and a desire of artistic innovation. In particular, the masks represented one of the most important artistic objects with a variety of functions: The conservation work was assisted by an in-depth documentation step carried out both through historical and archive sources and by means of photographic methods.

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard – Cambridge, MA – Full time. My group within the Broad, Computational Innovation Lab is hiring a coder to develop a new software/pipeline for genome assembly, annotation and analysis.

In the middle ages they were known as Beja q. Nominally they are Mahommedans. They, however, preserve some non-Islamic religious practices, and exhibit traces of animal-worship in their rule of never killing the serpent or the partridge, which are regarded as sacred. He received his artistic training from Francisco Bianchi, and in wrote the music to a piece called Angelina, which was performed at Margate. This proved successful, and was followed within two years by several others, of which Caractacus, a pantomimic ballet, written for Drury Lane, may be named.

His next work of importance, the opera of The Maniac, written for the Lyceum in , established his reputation, and probably secured for him an appointment for three years as composer for Covent Garden theatre.

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Mixing it with verdigris, you can use it for casting a lizard or something else in plaster, very cleanly. Soot black gives it a fine luster and makes it neater. Use yellow sulfur of the best kind, as the greyish natural sulfur is no good. The manuscript refers several times to sulfur as a material for casting, and this annotation will focus on these recipes.

The Third International mortar dating workshop, was held in Padova, April (organized by Gilberto Artioli – members of Scientific committee ÅR and AL). , Zürich, program At the 14C and Archaeology conference in Edinburgh, several papers focused on the analysis of lime lumps, and whether they could in any circumstances.

Paleochristian Age[ edit ] Tradition says that the first cathedral was built after the Edict of Constantine. A pillar of stone surmounted by a cross marks its location in the current churchyard. It was dedicated to Santa Giustina. During a restoration ca or the Episcopal see of Patavium was joined Santa Maria. Bishop Tricidio restored the cathedral in and it was again rebuilt between A and because of a fire. In the Bishop Olderico consecrated the new cathedral on the ruins of the previous church.

For this last step construction, historians between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries supposes a facade building located to the east, with a confession and a crypt under the apse where bishop Tricidio is buried. His tombstone was discovered during the excavation of the foundations. This basilica collapsed during the January 3, earthquake.

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Mail icon The forthcoming Rail Park – which will turn the old Reading Viaduct at Callowhill Street near 12th into a green oasis – is part of the improvements. Also new to the stretch of town is Brick and Mortar N. It’s on 12th Street at the corner of Pearl. Though BAM been teed up for an opening “just after New Year’s” when it was announced last summer, we see that “just after Memorial Day” was more like it. Late in the afternoon Tuesday, June 2, Goldtex dwellers were dropping by for drinks and plates.

BAM operators say they’re gearing it for the neighborhood; for now, its location north of Chinatown places it a touch out of the way for Center City bar-crawlers.

The strength improvement is most of the time connected 46 Grout injection of masonry. composed of a relatively hard component (the bricks or stones) on one hand and relatively soft mortar .

Effectiveness and harmfulness evaluation of graffiti cleaning by mechanical, chemical and laser procedures on granite by J. This paper reports the results from the comparative evaluation of the global cleaning effectiveness of four graffiti colours red, blue, black and silver applied on two granites with different textures and compositions. A conventional mechanical method and several chemical products were evaluated.

Additionally, it was evaluated the cleaning based on laser ablation by means of a nanosecond pulsed Nd: YVO4 at a wavelength of nm. Optical and electronic microscopy, Fourier transformed infrared spectroscopy and spectrophotometry were applied in order to assess the cleaning effectiveness and also the harmful effects on the stones. Taking into account the graffiti extraction degree, it was found that blue, red and black colours were successfully extracted by all the evaluated methods.

However, the extraction of silver colour, whose chemical composition differs from that of the other three colours, was more difficult and it was only achieved by the mechanical procedure and by several chemical products; Nd: YVO4 laser at nm was an ineffective procedure in removing this paint. All the cleaning methods produced damage on the granites: Moreover, the ability of different paints to penetrate into the rock affected the global cleaning effectiveness evaluation.

Despite considerable advantages of the method in the field of microanalysis of pigments, powder X-ray micro-diffraction has not yet been satisfactorily tested for correct and unambiguous discrimination of clay structures in colour layers of paintings and, eventually, for reliable quantitative analysis of their relative contents.

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July 23rd — August 3rd Fieldwork, study, research and hands-on cultural landscape conservation and restoration. It is one of the most interesting and historically important sites in the Murgia region of Puglia. The frescoes are comprised of three layers that date to , , and The fresco paintings document a link and a time in history when Byzantine communities spreading from the Balkans were establishing themselves in Puglia in the rupestrian settlement.

The program is an opportunity to experience and learn a wide spectrum of elements and aspects involved in cultural heritage preservation.

A research project by Diadrasis, funded by the J.S Latsis Public Benefit Foundation. The sole responsibility for its contents lies with its authors.

Mesa Verde, Spanish for green table, offers a spectacular look into the lives of the Ancestral Pueblo people who made it their home for over years, from A. Today the park protects nearly 5, known archeological sites, including cliff dwellings. These sites are some of the most notable and best preserved in the United States. The key attraction at the park is Cliff Palace, but unfortunately during the winter, access down to it is closed, so you have to settle for the overlook.

The cave that the dwellings were created in faces to the southwest, providing greater warmth from the sun in the winter. The Cliff Palace site had rooms, including storage rooms, open courts, walkways, and 23 kivas.

Report from ISIS factory of war reveals a vast, standardized arsenal

Water wheels come in two basic designs: The latter can be subdivided according to where the water hits the wheel into backshot pitch-back [5] overshot, breastshot, undershot, and stream-wheels. Most water wheels in the United Kingdom and the United States are or were vertical wheels rotating about a horizontal axle, but in the Scottish highlands and parts of Southern Europe mills often had a horizontal wheel with a vertical axle. Horizontal wheel with a vertical axis A jet of water strikes blades mounted on the axle Driving surfaces — blades Water — low volume, high head Efficiency — poor Diagram of vertical axis water mill.

Stream also known as free surface. Ship wheels are a type of stream wheel.

Aris Antsaklis. Prof. A. Antsaklis is the Chairman of the 1st Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Athens, “Alexandra” Maternity Hospital.

Previous knowledgement of roman archaeology and medieval history Target skills and knowledge: Critical analysis of theory and innovative methodologies in medieval mediterranean archaeology. Capacity of identify and interpretate images of landscapes, sites and material culture of the medieval culture and of reflect about the political, economical, social and cultural aspects of the mediterranean early middle ages.

This course will explore the monumental, religious, and social developments that took place in the Mediterranean between the 6th and the 12th centuries with particular attention to architecture and burial customs in order to examine this dynamic period of change in social, cultural, and religious life. The objective of the course is to highlight the encounters of peoples and cultures, as well as the rich exchange of ideas, practices, and traditions in the Early Medieval Mediterranean.

We will analyse among other subjects the end of the classical cities, diffusion of christianism, early medieval cemeteries, arrival of new populations and their impact on landscapes. During the course new multidisciplinary methodologies will be described using practical examples of actual research projects carried out by the medieval archaeology chair of the university of padova such us remote sensing, mortar dating, space syntax, stable isotopes analysis ecc Planned learning activities and teaching methods: Normal lessons, laboratory activities,trips, participation on the excavations and research projects leaded by the teacher.

Additional notes about suggested reading: Chavarria Arnau, Archeologia delle chiese dalle origini all’anno

Negev pelted with rockets, mortar rounds

Students will analyze and interpet their own samples and data, in the context of their own research projects. Through both hands-on analyses and interpretations, as well as informal lectures and discussions, students will learn fundamentals of radioisotopic dating, laboratory techniques, analytical instrumentation, basics of thermochronologic modeling, the geology of Antarctica, and each others’ research projects.

Ideally, a student’s accomplishments at this workshop should complement a larger research project supervised by the student’s faculty advisor at his or her home institution. Important points [1] Unless other arrangements have been made, students must arrive with mineral separates already prepared and ready to pick under the microscope.

We will not perform mineral separations here, so please insure that good clean mineral separates are completed and available well before the workshop starts. If this isn’t possible, please make sure you’ve made arrangements with Pete beforehand.

Florence originated as a Roman city, and later, after a long period as a flourishing trading and banking medieval commune, it was the birthplace of the Italian ing to the Encyclopædia Britannica, it was politically, economically, and culturally one of the most important cities in Europe and the world from the 14th to 16th centuries.

The Scribe on March, Want to know an ancient Chinese secret? Shhh… come closer… good. Sticky rice mortar just so happened to be more resistant to water than mortar made with pure lime, and thus was used to construct things like city walls, pagodas, buildings, and tombs—some of which have survived to today! Despite disturbances from things like modern construction and earthquakes, some of the sticky rice mortar structures have stayed strong over a thousand years later. For example, a section of tomb from the Ming Dynasty is so strong that even modern bulldozers have been unable to destroy or move it.

As a result, sticky rice mortar has been used for modern-day restoration work on ancient Chinese structures, such as the conservation project at year-old Shouchang Bride in eastern China. But 74, years ago, a volcanic eruption on Sumatra Island that was 5, times larger than the Mount St.

Lime Mortar an Ancient Cement