Speed Up Your Mac with an External SSD

Is the Air powerful enough? How is the response? Is there any flicker? See the video of the test for yourself. Windows, images and videos moved on the monitor with fluidity and crispness. For this article, we just did a quick test. If this enough information for you? What sort of graphics performance can you expect?

How To Install Windows 8.1 On Mac Without Boot Camp

Just a sec, we’re thinking. Please select your best match Close It’s been a long journey, Sellshark, but it’s time to sell my Mac. Remember that feeling you had when you first unboxed your brand new Mac? It was great — it was your portal into the world of late night, online gaming. It’s ease of use helped you through countless university assignments.

But now, you no longer need it — maybe you have a new, better laptop.

Sep 20,  · You want an iMac. The Mac Mini uses notebook drives – small, and slow. Sure, you could hook up a nice, big firewire drive, but you only have one FW port, so your firewire camcorder is stuck with no place to plug into.

November 10, There was only one problem with that post. I was a little blown away! The same game rules apply! This is not a Mac vs. Introduction When I saw the rumors that Apple was going to release a radically different design for the Mac Pro, to be quite honest I was only mildly interested. Sure I appreciate the faster performance, but I found myself only using my Mac Pro when I knew a process was going to take a long time to complete.

Otherwise I was quite happy just using my MacBook Pro simply because I could use it in any room at any time. I could take it with me on the road. I got the opportunity to test a Mac Pro standard configuration in my studio for a few weeks. I loaded the latest version of my Adobe Creative Cloud applications on it as well as a few utilities that I use such as ScreenFlow.

Next, I began running side-by-side tests of the things that I do daily that take more than a few seconds. Actually I was wrong!

Dell Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Can be done on the cheap and still preserves the pops and crackles. Those are made to digitize the vinyl, not just play them back. The technology is cheap and available and not the real problem. The real problem is as AlphaDoug said: You have to take the time to shepherd the process.

Nov 27,  · The reason I say “try” is that I am unsure whether that “startup” SSD made on the iMac will start up a Mac Mini. If it does, then you can shut down your Mac Mini, do the swap, and boot your Mac MIni from the SSD that is now inside.

Generally, the adapters that cost a little bit more tend to be more reliable, so be sure to read the reviews and make sure that audio does indeed work for the adapter you are ordering. Read on to optimize the TV for video playback, get sound working, and for some more tips for having the best experience. Option A describes how to do this easily: For just about every HDMI based Mac-to-TV connection, these audio settings must be adjusted manually after the two have been attached to one another and video is already displaying on the TV screen: Here are four great free apps: XBMC — media center and much more, plays almost any video you can throw at it Plex — media center app that also plays virtually every video format VLC — barebones but powerful video playback app that works with nearly all video formats MplayerX — more full-featured video player that is compatible with the majority of video formats QuickTime Player is also a fine choice for playing.

For other formats, VLC is a classic app and should be included in just about every Mac users app toolbox, and MplayerX is becoming increasingly popular for being just as versatile while having the added bonus of supporting BluRay and MKV playback. If you have a spare Mac, you can even turn it into a full-time media center, server, and torrents box, and the Mac Mini is particularly great for that purpose.

Video Playback Too Small? This is frequently true with many web-based streaming movies, or when playing video that is lower resolution in general.

iMac -> mac Mini (moving my SSD from “a” to “b”)

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The Mac mini is still an ideal digital hub and makes a great media Mac. The HDMI out makes it ideal to hook up to HDTVs.” Sziehr: “I use a current gen mac mini as a server.

How to get a Samsung Galaxy S phone out of black screen of death. Posted on by admin NOTE: If you have bricked the following models you can find the article on how to fix them here. The black screen of death can display in two forms. One a as a black screen with a little mobile phone! At any rate the way to tell if you phone is totally broken is to first of all make sure you have enough battery. To do this remove the back cover of your phone and reseat the battery so that you are sure the phone is getting power and that the battery has not just gone flat for because the contacts are not touching correctly.

How can I move files from a Mac to a Windows PC?

Perfectly functional gadgets sit quietly in a corner of the store room, doing nothing. Old LCD monitors are a perfect example of that. The iMac scores a lot of points in that area; one of its biggest strengths being the big, vibrant screen it sports.

Jun 27,  · I can’t seem to get this to work. I have a mac mini connected to my 70″ tv via HDMI in my living room. In my bedroom I have an AppleTV connected to my TV.

The disadvantage of having the Thunderbolt connection through the PCH is that the PCH shares bandwidth with other internal components e. Building and using an external graphics card with your Mac is totally unsupported by Apple; the Genius Bar will definitely turn you away if you haul your external GPU enclosure into the Apple Store. This setup guide is applicable for Mac OS versions Apple recently announced external graphics support in its next macOS version, For the time being, these three steps must be completed to have a fully functional eGPU: Step 1 — Communication between the Thunderbolt enclosure and the computer.

Step 2 — Recognition in Mac OS that the enclosure contains a graphics card. Choosing a Thunderbolt 2 enclosure is very easy because there are only a handful of them. Other suitable TB2 enclosures for external graphics card setup are: You have many more options for a Thunderbolt 3 enclosure. Since the arrival of the Late MacBook Pro in October , it seems a new Thunderbolt 3 enclosure comes out every month.

What the “Other” Storage Space is in Mac OS X & How to Clear It Up

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The computer in the living room: setting up a Mac mini media center I chose the $ base-model Mac mini for my media experiment, largely based on its price and performance. That mini includes.

Apple iMacs manufactured since mid have a Thunderbolt port compatible with Apple Thunderbolt monitors; however, you can also use any computer monitor with a VGA port if you have the right adapter. Using the extended desktop option, you can use the external display to increase the size of your work area, which can be a real time-saver if you do a lot of multitasking, use large spreadsheets or use your iMac for video or graphic design work.

The inch iMac can accommodate two external displays. Inspect the connection ports on the external display. Any of these are compatible with an iMac Thunderbolt port. If you aren’t certain what the monitor’s connection ports are, consult the user manual or look at the product specifications for the display model on the manufacturer’s website. Verify that your iMac has a Thunderbolt port by looking for a lightning bolt symbol beside the port. If the iMac was manufactured between and mid , it has a Mini DisplayPort instead.

Purchase the appropriate cable for the monitor and the appropriate Mini DisplayPort adapter to connect the iMac to the cable. You can find adapters at the Apple Store or most stores that sell Apple computers. Connect the adapter to the iMac, connect the cable to the adapter and then connect the cable to the external display.

Connect the external display to a power source, and then turn on the external display. Wait a few seconds for the display to show the iMac’s screen. Configure the external display to mirror the iMac’s display by setting both displays at the same resolution and then selecting “Mirror Displays” in the Arrangement tab.

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I removed the extra black pin but this is not necessary 3. Connect the molex male end to the female molex of your power source which should be OFF 4. I have two attached in the pic but you only need one – Attach Black Alligator wire to one black molex wire – Attach Two Red Alligator wires to red molex wires but on 1 wire attach sideways leaving end exposed for a second wire as seen in picture.

Using Green simply helps telling the wires apart.

Just like with an Apple TV, you can stream videos from your iOS device to your Mac with the help of AirServer. It worked well in my testing. The more notable feature is mirroring, which allows you to use your Mac as a larger version of your iOS device’s display for games and even Web browsing, if you wish.

Finding the best tech for everyone. As the headline above says, this is a cautionary tale. It is a warning about the way that companies advertise their products to make them sound better than they actually are, stupid decisions corporations make that make their products less useful and pull sales out of their own pockets, and how good customer service can still save the day.

To replace it, I bought a Mac mini Server. The point here is that the Mac mini Server from was a computer that did not come with an internal optical drive. Fast forward to the introduction of the MacBook Air. On the packaging, it says it is compatible with any Mac that does not ship with an internal optical drive. The story begins Our action begins about a month ago when I discovered that the DVD drive I use with my mini, and the G4 before it, had quietly died an electronic death in the night.

And a quality piece of hardware to boot. Last Wednesday, my drive arrived. I pulled it out of the box and connected it up to my mini, then proceeded to pull out a CD that I wanted to rip into iTunes.

One more step

USB 3 gives you the versatility to hook up dozens of different types of external devices. Two Gigabit Ethernet ports let you connect to multiple networks. And an HDMI 1. But the thought we put into expandability extends beyond the types of peripherals you can use. So you can easily see the ports you need when you need them. Access your network over three-stream

Dec 29,  · Hi all, My old modem/router died (netgear N), but I have managed to secure an additional modem (netgear N). I’ve been able to connect my iMac (), all my iPads, iPhones and even my Macbook Air to this new network, but I can’t connect the Mac Mini.

I have a 19″ and a 17″ both have the dell sound bar underneath the screens purchased separately 1 is hooked up, but i would like to hook up both, any info on how i could do this with my mac pro model? Odly, they work just fine with that. Then i tried with my headphones from my iPhone – no sound at alle. The classic “bong” sound at startup, I know that is the result of a successful POST, but mine didn’t do one after the 1st startup. I had speakers plugged in to it when I started up the 2nd time, and no sound.

I unplugged the speakers, and I got the sound. Is that normal or do I need to contact Apple? I jut want to make sure nothings wrong with my iMac. On my pc there was some settings that were the Realtek that had a bunch of audio options that made it sound much better. Is there anything like that for a mac? I can’t find anything like that in the apple menu settings.

I can hear the startup sound when booting up. Mute is NOT checked. I’ve tried multiple times plugging and unplugging the external speaker cable jack.

How to connect to the Internet with your Mac

Either should be fine. You should then be able to copy files to it with your Mac. Finally, although an external hard drive is a good way to move files from a Mac to a PC, there are other ways to do it. The most obvious solution is to use a USB Flash drive. This can get tedious, depending on how much data you need to move. Some of the Amazon reviews complain that the transfer speed of the GB version is very slow, but trying to do it via a cloud storage system would be even slower.

Why is my Mac Running Slow? Tweet. When you’ve got too much running in the background, your Mac can’t even handle simple tasks. How to fix it: End processes with Activity Monitor How to reset SMC on iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini. Shut down your Mac. Unplug a .

Tweet We’ve got a few reasons and fixes. Your hard drive is getting full Nothing slows down a Mac more than having too much on your hard drive. How to fix it: However, the hard part is cleaning up your system, and figuring out all the stuff that can be safely removed for more space. It cleans up your entire Mac, the easy stuff and the hard stuff. It knows what to clean and where to clean, and is incredibly safe to use. It could happen that disk permissions are broken. You can repair them with CleanMyMac X.

How to Connect a Mac Mini to a TV