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Originally Posted by DaveTN If you have a Sprint Airave Femtocell in your home – or within the range of your phone, your weather the “my location” at least will not update. This is not correct. Weather has always previously updated over my Airave, and it is now once again doing so. Of course, geolocation places me in New Jersey although I live several states and hundreds of miles away in New Hampshire, and when I’m in range of the Airave it shows My Location weather for New York city. Thus, weather normally updates over an Airave. It just updates for the wrong location.

Femtocells, Microcells, and Metrocells: The Complete Guide to Small Cells

This post is about to get technical If the signal is weak enough, it might search across all channels and find the femtocell, but the phone will not do this constantly since that would drain the battery. In other words, a phone running on MHz including Sprint’s ESMR spectrum which is unique to them might not pick up the femtocell running at MHz as quickly as one would like. Eventually, it should, but it might take quite some time for this to happen.

To get around this, CDMA femtocells can run a beacon to help the phone find the femtocell.

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What I found is 5 full bars 4g LTE “snaps” to nill or weakest signal strength when heading towards this town at about miles from the general area of city lines. Yes that’s from any direction heading to this town. Is it an FCC regulation, weak transmission or do the surrounding towers “cancel” each other.

All I know is the year of the Motorola x2 3g was supurb There isn’t many other carrier towers remotely close either. Could it be that Verizon is sacrificing their customers reception to get paid for other carriers using their towers? Do to yet another gov regulation loop hole to prevent a monopoly but allowing one carrier to build more towers only if they support other carriers??? Was this review helpful to you?

Cricket 1 star Wones Rd. No data unless on wifi. Text and calls may work sometime. Sprint 1 star The Watertower, Wapakoneta, OH October 20, I can make voice calls and get a 3g connection at best during peak hours. My LTE signals Spark fade in and out quicker then the latest Hollywood trend – when it receives signal Quit cheaping out on your equipment.

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The demonstration highlights Sprint’s approach using its 2. More This first in the U. This enables Sprint to offer both 4G LTE and 5G on the same radio to continue meeting its customers’ demand for unlimited data and high-bandwidth applications. Because of our large spectrum holdings Sprint is one of the only operators in the world with enough capacity to operate LTE and 5G simultaneously using Massive MIMO and huge licensed channels of MHz of spectrum on the same radios.

The significant cell capacity Massive MIMO offers is why the technology is playing a central role in 5G, which will allow Sprint to provide increased coverage, reliability and speed across its nationwide network. Nokia and Sprint will also be showcasing other 5G demonstrations at Sprint’s booth, including low latency use cases for public safety and car platooning, and an Augmented Reality demo for Enterprise.

Setting Up Your AIRAVE – AIRAVE and + User Guide Setting Up Your AIRAVE™ Follow the instructions below to set up your AIRAVE device. Disconnect the power from all devices on your network.

It predates my cellphone by a year, easy. I do have a problem with getting spam from the email address I gave them. Actually, I am a tad pissed about it. I bought this phone cash money. I would prefer to buy my equipment and pay a fair price for service rather then finance a phone for 2 years. Then, they called me again yesterday, same thing. Well, I started running the numbers.

T-Mobile’s network extender lets anyone use your Internet bandwidth

Setup, then, is straightforward: Then pick up the nearest book and wait. Sprint ship the AIRAVE to you already set up with your account, but when you initially power up it still takes close to sixty minutes for everything to stabilize. The silent box basically sits there, creating your own bubble of CDMA coverage.

The Yellow WAN jack on the airave device will have an address on the subnet when you connect it to a lan port on the verizon router (or any switch port that is connected to a lan port on the verizon router), the base address for the router to admin it is and the blue lan ports will have address on the subnet.

We had a great time sharing with you how technology can help transform your business. Ultra-high speeds, ultra-low latency, and the Internet of Things for billions of devices. And there are many amazing use cases that will enable a number of consumer innovations. You need the unprecedented flexibility of 5G. In developing Curiosity IoT, our goal is to create the best operating and management environment for connected devices and applications like artificial intelligence, robotics, edge computing and autonomous vehicles.

The product of a collaboration with Ericsson, Curiosity IoT promises to help system managers manage IoT devices and the way they connect in various ways, over the air and through multiple profiles. AI and robotics Other big topics this year were artificial intelligence and robotics.

Sprint AIRAVE Reception-Boosting CDMA Femtocell Review

Try doing a factory reset These are standard troubleshooting solutions if a user suspects that the device is suffering from persistent problems. If nothing works, we recommend that you demand for a replacement phone from your carrier and ensure that there are no account- or billing-related issues that may be the real reason behind your problem. I have already did the cache wipe.

Looking for Sprint Airave 2 5 Manual Do you really need this ebook of Sprint Airave 2 5 Manual It takes me 59 hours just to attain the right download link, and another 4 hours to validate it. Internet could be malevolent to us who looking for free thing. Right now this.

Originally Posted by mikegold Have you received yours yet? There is an order number on my account but the order is still showing as, “In Progress. Yes I received it yesterday. My setup is semi-complex. I have my Comcast modem that goes to my vonage unit then to my router. The Airave says to go modem to airave to vonage then to router router is always last. For some reason I couldn’t get the Airave to recognize the internet.

The book says it can take up to 2 hours. My issue was that I didn’t have a home phone having the Airave after my internet because it wasn’t recognizing it and sending the signal on to my vonage unit and I was too impatient to wait the 2 hours so I plugged it in against what the book says.

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Is it the fault of the carrier, software, or chips? We try to explain. They are 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE or Wi-Fi wireless device that has been specifically designed for cell phones and used it is used to enhance cell phone reception indoors and lower cell phone costs at the same time. A femtocell will essentially allow individuals to have their own mini cell network within their home.

Sprint says it covers 30, square feet indoors and a foot radius outdoors. The box is different from a picocell, the “network extenders” that carriers have sold on and off for years.

You can hardly do anything with your phone. Was this review helpful to you? It was rough at first, but it got better. Then I got a new job and they provided me with a cell phone. Holly crap, my Verizon coverage is like Virgin mobile was 7 yrs ago. Sprint virgin mobile is much better: After I retired the service started down and about 2 yrs ago it became horrible. Cannot even make cell call at times. As stated I have one place outside I can get 1 bar by laying the phone on a table but even then most of the time it isn’t good enough to dial out.

In my home I get no reception. Have been with them 3 or 4 years. When I first got their service it we better but now I get no reception. I purchased a MicroCell and it won’t connect.

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